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Ageless Male Review – Does It Really Work?

Ageless Male is a 2 in 1 supplement that aims at boosting testosterone as well as a male enhancement supplement. There are quite a number of issues that arise from testosterone deficiency, the most serious issue being low sex drive and performance in men. Ageless Male is basically a testosterone booster that aims at correcting all sexual problems that arise due to low testosterone. Alongside boosting low testosterone, Ageless Male has other benefits which include increasing energy levels, promoting muscle growth and improving sex drive and performance.

There are quite a number of ways that can help increase testosterone levels in the body and there are also methods that can help in improving your sexual performance. Unfortunately, most pills that can help solve these kinds of issues demand a prescription and have adverse side effects. The good news is that there are also some natural supplements that can play the same roles without adverse side effects and do not demand prescriptions. Ageless Male is one of those natural supplements.

Ageless Male works using a formula that comprises of testosterone-boosting ingredients which are known to cause testosterone production. All the ingredients in Ageless Male are known to effectively increase testosterone levels once they are ingested. There are also other ingredients which serve the purpose of sexual performance and male enhancement. All the ingredients in Ageless Male are a perfect blend of a solution to all sexual related issues in men.

Ageless Male ingredients:

Caltrops – this is a virile natural male sexual hormone booster and has been in use in Europe for so many years. It is popular among bodybuilders who want to naturally increase these levels.
Saw Palmetto –plays quite an essential role in older men, ensures that testosterone is not converted to DHT, which helps in prostate enlargement.
Cissus Quadranglaris – a virile recuperative herb that helps in inflammation reduction.
Mucuna Pruriens – helps in the overall production of L-Dopa, which is a neurotransmitter precursor that ensures that testosterone breakdown does not take place through Prolactin.
Chlorophytum Borivilinum – known for increasing growth hormone levels and has been using in Asia for quite some years.
LJ100 – this is a patented long jack extract with the ability to enhance unbound sexual hormones found in the blood. These hormones are bound and inactive and can only be useful to the body when they are released from the binding.

Ageless Male Side Effects

Fortunately, Ageless Male does not have a lot of side effects due to the fact that most of its ingredients are 100% natural. This means that so long as you do not exceed the recommended dose, you can safely consume Ageless Male. However, some people have reported feeling like Ageless Male causes mood change.

Ageless Male Benefits and Drawbacks


Contains various proven testosterone boosting ingredients.
Specifically manufactured to aid in sex drive as well as performance issues.
Quite effective when it comes to boosting low libido.
Has a 30-day money back guarantee.
All its ingredients are well known, there is nothing hidden from the public.
All its ingredients are 100% natural.


Cannot be mixed with other prescriptions. If you are under other medications you are not advised to take Ageless Male.
The overall effect can vary among different men.
You cannot take Ageless Male if you have any heart-related conditions or blood pressure.
It is not designed for young men. However, if you are a young man and in need of testosterone boost, you may need to consult your doctor for other testosterone boosting options.

Where to Buy Ageless Male

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